Interview with Paul Frangie - Chef & founder of HAPI


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Could you tell us a little about yourself?

I am 36 years old, raised in Dubai, Dutch Mother, Lebanese Father.

I have always been into cooking (and eating) food. From a young age as soon as I could reach the stove top – I remember being allowed to cook on my own – my journey started with fried eggs, served with labneh and fresh za’atar. Growing up I watched both my parents who enjoyed cooking for the family, as well as my grandma and aunts in Lebanon who would always cook up a feast for lunch on Sundays. Later in life I would always be barbecuing at parties with friends, and at Uni I lived with two part time cooks – we would visit food markets and cook up the best meals!

 After graduating with a degree in economics and starting my career as a sales consultant in Dubai, I was itching to pursue my creative dreams in the kitchen – inspired by famous celebrity Chefs – I decided to enroll in culinary school. After graduating I am grateful to have experienced a quick and intense training stint in a couple of London’s top restaurants.

I returned to Dubai and started my culinary career performing live cooking demonstrations and launched a short online cooking series.

My entrepreneurial aspirations materialise, crossing with my love for being in the kitchen – and I built and opened my first restaurant; HAPI in late 2016.

Why did you introduce HAPI Bone Broth as an exclusive item on the menu?

Bone broth is essentially a clear soup made by lightly simmering bones.

When HAPI launched we were the first fast casual dining concept in the region to serve Bone Broth as a drink. The inspiration behind having bone broth on our menu is slow cooking, and zero waste. Every traditional culture and cuisine has broth – so we wanted to reintroduce this delicious food to Dubai. Bone broth also has fantastic health benefits.

How is it usually made? And how long does it take?

At HAPI Bone Broth we use the highest quality organic and grass-fed bones, as well as fresh vegetables, herbs, and fragrant spices to complement each broth.

Our broth is slow cooked for several hours in order to infuse the flavours as well as extract the most nutrients from the bones.

We carefully process the liquid broth at several stages to ensure clarity and best flavour. Our broth is seasoned with fresh herbs, aromatics, and spices – that compliment each other as well as adding more nutritional benefits.

This process takes up to 36 hours from start to finish.

Could you tell us a little bit about the benefits of HAPI Bone Broth?

The health benefits of drinking bone broth include improved digestion and gut health, balanced hormones, enhanced energy and better sleep. Bone broth also helps to promote healthy skin, hair, and even bone, joint & muscle recovery!


Is there a particular etiquette to consuming it? For example, before, after or during a meal?

HAPI Bone Broth can be enjoyed at any time of the day – before, during, after, or between meals.

Our bone broth is delicious, convenient to prepare, and super healthy for you. Simply heat up and drink straight from the cup, or use it to cook with at home!

What are the different kinds of bone broths available? Any vegan

We currently offer six flavours of broth – two chicken, two beef, lamb, and mushroom - served hot ready to drink in a cup, and refrigerated in 1 litre packs for delivery and takeaways.

We deliver 7 days a week in Dubai, and every Saturday in Abu Dhabi. We are also open for takeaways in Al Khazzan Solar Park (opposite City Walk).


HAPI Bone Broth can be ordered online – by phone 800 BROTH (27684) – or through WhatsApp 050 68 27684.

Do you offer any Vegan/Plant-based option of Broth?

HAPI’s vegan mushroom broth also has a beautiful savoury, nutty umami flavour. It is naturally high in vitamin D and packed with nutrients that also help to improve gut health, boost the immune system and remineralize the body.

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  • The nutrient from the bone marrow is in the fat .. why remove the precious fat that too grass fed.


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