HAPI Bone Broth is made only with highest quality ingredients

HAPI creates Beef bone broth, Chicken bone broth and Lamb bone broth using grass-fed bones and organic chicken bones from environmentally responsible farms. Each Broth is seasoned with vegetables, fresh herbs and fragrant spices to compliment each flavor. HAPI Bone Broth uses traditional recipes and a slow-cooking process that takes up to 48 hours. Order the best Bone Broth in Dubai today.

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Natural Collagen in Bone Broth for Joint Health

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MEET PAUL, Chef & Founder of HAPI

Bone Broth is becoming more and more popular because of its many health
benefits, and my favourite part about our bone broth is that it tastes so good!

”I can drink a cup of Bone Broth at any time of day and it always hits the spot.”

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It's delicious and healthy!