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Ginger & Honey - Immunity Aid

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Add extra flavour and nourishment to your cup of broth. With the convenience of our easy-to-use Flavour Tablets, you can enhance the taste and nutritional value of your broths, soups, and meals in no time.

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A soothing blend designed to offer immune support and sore throat relief, all in the simplicity of a home remedy. These tablets are a no-fuss way to bring comfort to your cup. With no supplements, all-natural ingredients, and no preservatives, our Ginger & Honey tablets provide a convenient and delicious solution for your well-being. Keep these handy tablets in your freezer, and effortlessly transform any hot water into a warm hug for your immune system. Embrace the simplicity of staying well with each comforting sip.

This tub contains 7 tablets. 1 tablet/250ml/ can be used to flavour 1 cup of broth


  • Ginger
  • Lemon
  • Honey
  • Paprika

How to prepare:

Just pop one tablet into your cup, pour hot bone broth, and enjoy the taste as it transforms into a flavorful drink. Whether you're into healthy choices or just love trying new tastes, our flavor tablets is the hassle-free way to add a tasty twist to your day with many healthy benefits and nutrients.


Health Benefits:

Immune Support:

The combination of lemon and honey provides a potent dose of vitamin C and antioxidants, supporting the immune system and helping the body fight off infections.

Sore Throat Relief:

The soothing properties of honey can help relieve sore throats, while lemon provides vitamin C to support recovery.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects:

Ginger and paprika both contain compounds with anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce inflammation in the body

Digestive Health:

Ginger and lemon both have digestive benefits. Ginger may help with nausea, while lemon aids digestion. Honey's antimicrobial properties can also contribute to a healthy digestive system.