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Mushroom Broth (V)

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"Vegetarian Option"

1 Litre HAPI Broth

Ingredients: Shiitake mushroom, button mushroom, carrot, onion, spring onion, garlic, zaatar, parsley, sage, bay leaf, olive oil, purified water, sea salt.

Made with 100% fresh vegetables. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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Please note that your order will be ready for you to collect the next day from HAPI, Ground level, Tower B Marina View Towers, Dubai Marina. 

Delivery within 48 hrs for all orders before 1pm.

The health benefits of mushrooms include; healthy thyroid function, reduced cholesterol, weight loss, stronger immune system, as well as reduced blood pressure and increased energy levels.

Mushrooms also contain essential vitamins and minerals such as B-complex vitamins, vitamin D, as well as good sources of selenium, zinc, iron, copper, phosphorus and potassium. There’s even a bit of protein in there!

Simply heat up and drink straight from the cup, or conveniently use to cook with at home.

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